Parsco International is based in Milton Keynes, UK. When it was founded, the Company focused on offering and supplying petroleum and chemical products to the industries starting with companies in the United Kingdom. As time went by, its list of satisfied clients began growing worldwide, and there are now customers in many countries.

Since 2003, the privately held company has been offering diverse products and services to energy companies around the world, along with expert consulting services in the areas of Engineering, Maintenance and Finance Solutions. After years’ experience in Oil and Gas industry, we are now involving and providing Environmental Technologies and Solutions, such as Water Treatment, Converting Steam to Energy, Gasification System (Waste to Energy), etc.

Our people and their commitment to get results the right way by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth drive our success.

We are serious for every business, and improving our regulation and polices for humanistic, standardization management and energy future.

We believe better and more creative ideas come from collaboration. That is why we focused on building a productive and beneficial relationship with our customers.


Parsco International has been recognized worldwide for its contributions to the oil, gas and chemical industries. On the consulting side, an extensive variety of services is available for any client’s needs from the highly trained and highly effective staff, including:

  • Sourcing and supplying petroleum and chemical products.
  • Sourcing and supplying equipment and technologies.
  • Specialized equipment, which can include items customized for all scales and levels of oil operations, from exploration to production
  • Engineering needs, which can include design and strategic planning
  • Construction expertise, which can include aid in creating new gas plants and refineries
  • Environmental efforts, which includes evaluating and assessing the possible impact
  • Overall unit operations
  • Procurement, which can include finding and delivering the products and parts as well as the necessary reverse engineering processes and paperwork.
  • Overall project management
  • General health and safety, which can include making sure all personnel are properly trained and that all required processes are followed.


To light people’s home, to bring brightness in the darkness, to ensure the performance of electrical appliances, our group is committed to delivering the best solutions to build a power plant, which makes the best use all energy resources to provide affordable energy to the people in the world.

We are providing EPC construction of power generation plants and its turnkey projects with the capability to extend the full range of thermal power generation technologies and solar power generation. In addition, we do undertaking the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing power plants projects.


We are manufacturing and trading high quality raw and finished metal products. Our quality products are mainly used in the field of industries such as Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Shipyard, Water, Agriculture, etc.  We are offering our best advice and help to our customers to purchase what they want exactly with best quality and price in the market.


To resolve efficiency and definitively the problem of industrial polluted water disposal, concentrating as much as possible the contaminating product and recovering the water that, distilled, can be reused in the next production cycles.

Restrictive anti-pollution rules and the environmental conscience more and more widespread impose a new way to deal with the use of natural resources and their disposal. Recycling of raw materials and strong reduction of residue to treat are the last conquest of industrial research for environmental protection. The treatment of contaminated water, in particular, more and more techniques have developed, allowing the design of zero discharge plant.

Honest and profession business is our aim all the time and for these reasons most our customer comes from referrals and stay with us for years and years. In order to provide clean water and sewerage services to meet the needs of its customers, we procure technology, equipment, materials, services and construction works.


Fuel combustion is one major cause of environmental pollution. Today, with the advent of “BIOENERGY” sources, air pollution can be easily prevented. As fossil fuels such as natural gas, petroleum and coal are a non-renewable source of energy, excess usage of such fuel will lead to no fossil fuel left for future. So day to day we are improving our service and help our clients to upgrade their existing oil, gas and chemical plants and facilities to reduce producing air pollution. We are offering new technology to make a better environment and a better world.

Also, solid and liquid waste are other big issues for all government at the present. So in this regards our environment division established for just focus on a green future and green fuels that become 100% safe for our world and our high tech technologies help the government to solve this problem.

We have a diverse range of products, customers and markets, outstanding management and an enviable portfolio of development projects.


We are global high-quality grains supplier for both human and animal consumption, as well as vegetable oils for both crude and refined oils from end suppliers to give you confidence that you buy from end sellers. We are dealing directly with farms and main products holders through our offices in Europe, Latin American, Russia and the Middle East. Our customers are from small to medium and big companies located around the world.


We are here for organisations who need expert and cost-effective finance solution, which we offer highly skilled resource.

Our aim is to always to find the best solution for your project. Our team has a proven track record of not only providing services at a competitive cost but also offer risk reduction through improved controls and the introduction of simplified with automated processes.